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Connaught Place Escorts Making love in the shower is a wet way to spice up your sex life. While you usually do sex in your bed or on your couch, today you want some legs in the air in the shower with your partner. You can imagine a hot scene, like in movies, where you’re going to press Connaught Place Escorts Service passionately against the wall and take your foot with her like never before. But beware, your bathroom is an environment filled with traps.

Make love in the shower, and it’s like in movies? The shower is often the place of all fantasies. It is not for nothing that we find sex scenes in the bathroom in many movies and series. This is, for example, the case in Gray’s Anatomy series with this scene between Derek and Meredith. Connaught Place Call Girls In the film, everything always seems to be perfect. Independent Connaught Place escorts.

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Sexy Call girls in CP escort Service But kissing in the shower with Escorts in Connaught Place Road is like the fantasy of sex on the beach: it’s great on paper, but you can quickly be disappointed by the reality. Indeed, your bathroom is an environment filled with traps. You can slip and fall on your erect penis, which really should not be nice. 

You can run out of space. Break something. CP Escorts With the Wildest Time for You Or, have soap in your eyes. It is possible that you are cold. You do not know which position to choose or you do not feel up to it. If so, start by reading or rereading our big file on the art of making love to a woman urgently. In short, many things may not go as planned. Here are some tips for making love in the shower with Independent CP  Escorts Road that we share with you so that everything goes well.

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Connaught Place Escorts Naughty shower: what precautions to take?

Connaught Place Escort For starters, the most important thing is to avoid hurting yourself by doing a stunt that was not on the program. What you want is to have a different sexual experience with your partner. And especially do not end up in the hospital. So first check the strength of your equipment: the bars and doors in particular.

Connaught Place Call Girls And do not hang under any pretense the shower curtains, it would be the disaster assured. If you feel that you can slip, also think of putting a towel on the floor.

Whether you have a shower or a bath, you can also use bath mats to avoid, again, falls. Besides, it will save you bruises on your knees and elbows the next day. Now that you have taken the necessary safety measures, let’s move on to logistics

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Connaught Place Escort Sex in the shower: from theory to practice.

If you are fixing your shower hose high, make sure you and the Call girls in Connaught Place are both under the water. Because if one of you is not under hot water, he could quickly start to get cold. And the idea of making love in the shower would immediately become less pleasant. In the same way, try vaguely to know how much hot water you have. If during your report, the water starts to get cold, it can quickly cut you off. Then make sure to keep your Connaught place escort girls’ bathroom always clean. Especially if you are single and want to make love in the shower with your defriend or with a shot of an evening, then always clean hair or hair lying around. Regularly rub your bathtub, sink, and mirrors with a sponge. And if your toilets are in your bathroom, make sure they are always flawless.

There is no worse kills-love than disgusting toilets. They can slip and are more likely to crack. So be sure to take some precautions. Likewise, you may think that the water will help with lubrication during the report. But in reality, it is not so. There is even a chance that your partner wets less than if you are not in the water which can make the penetration more delicate. So think eventually to provide a lubricant. You may need it. We can now get down to business with CP Escorts.